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MICHAEL x tanvi


Michael planned a surprise proposal for his better half Tanvi, which was captured and edited by Natraj Studio and team. 


Kritika and Advait have tied the beautiful knot of marriage with all the respects and customs and are finally ready to gloom their life with lots and lots of love. 

Kritika and Vijay Pre-wedding In Goa 2018 

Kritika and Vijay had their wonderful pre wedding shoot in Goa, the shoot was filled with fun, love and lots of adventure. The couple during the shoot got to know each other better and was very happy with the final product. 


 Kritika and Vijay Sagan Ceremony / same day edit

Sagan ceremony is the ceremony where not only the couple puts rings on each other's fingers but it is the day when their hearts finally connects. kritika and Vijay had their sagan ceremony in Delhi followed by amazing dance performances. The night was entirely filled with warmth, love and blessings.


Sonal and Abhinav Wedding Teaser

Wedding teaser is a type of a short video for the couple. The video usually consists of the most important shots covered at the wedding. Sonal and Abhinav had their wedding in Delhi, the couple throughly enjoyed their wedding teaser. Sonal and Abhinav's wedding was filled with enjoyment, emotional moments and love. 


Sonia and Sagar Wedding Teaser

Sonia and Sagar were deeply in love after their first meeting, you may say they had love at first sight. Their wedding ceremonies took place in Delhi, followed by their wedding also in Delhi. The couple had a coming soon wedding teaser , which included their couple shots and other important shots covered during the entire wedding. 


Dr. Sonal And Dr. Abhinav - Cinematic Wedding Tresure - Highlight

 The doctors that came together not as partners but as soul mates, Dr. Sonal and Dr. Abhinav got hiched in delhi last year. the doctor couple of the hour, felt more that just living through their profession. they felt loved, and warmth on their special day. this video consists of all the highlights of their special day starting from the bharat till the emotional vidai. 


Sonia and Sagar SAGAN 

Met for the first time but felt like know since ages? Thats LOVE



Pre-wedding shoot before the grand day, where the perfect couple ties the knot till eternity!


Short of words while expressing the love you feel? well, again that love. 


 Wedding Highlight Rachna & Nishant/ Hawayein 

A soul mate is not found.  soul mates are made in heaven 


Amway Leadership Seminar 2016, Paris

Amway India explored the most romantic city in the world and was the first Asian company to organise their business conferences and other events which lasted for almost a week after the Paris terror attacks of 2015. Amway India was the first company to show their confidence in Paris after those terror attacks.

Jahanvi X Saksham

Jahanvi Saksham had their pre wedding shoot in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The shoot was filled with love, care and affection.