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Natraj Studio

It all started in 1992, when Natraj Studio was ready to take over the photography era of the state. Natraj Studio was originally founded by Lalwani brothers and is now handled by Mr. Prateek Lalwani. Prateek is taking the legacy of the family forward through his talent and skills in different fields of photography.  Natraj Studio under its umbrella covers aspects of photography from wedding albums to cooperative events. Natraj makes sure that the customers are satisfied with the services provided. Natraj Studio is working as a bridge between turning memories into lifetime pictures.  We work with our full dedication to make our clicked pictures a family legacy. Natraj insures that only the best cameras for all the shoots  are used and makes sure that  customer face no issues with the pictures. following the legacy, Natraj studio makes sure that if a customer asks for service, there is no exception left in fulfilling the requirements of the customer. Since the beginning, our customers have been satisfied with our performance and we still continue to do our best to keep a steady smile on the faces of our clients. Natraj studio has also worked with celebrities like the famous comedian Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. Natraj studio promises to work with full passion and get the perfect result for all its customers and keep a steady and healthy relationship with our past and future customers. 

For any Enquiry,  you can Contact

Mr. Rajan Lalwani - 09213115454 

 Mr. Gautam Lalwani - 09213730786

 Mr. Prateek Lalwani - 9953986847


Prateek Lalwani

Capturing the perfect moment is not an easy task to do, taking the legacy of family, Prateek lalwani has mastered the skills for capturing the moments which are beyon the eyes. since the beginning of Natraj Studio, the studio has made sure that the past clients and are satisfied with the services delivered. our pictures speak for itself, be it the cinematography or the candid shots, Natraj studio has left no mark unnoticed while delivering the services. handling the studio, Mr. Prateek Lalwani is adding services with a slight hint for the clients, in order to pertain more satisfaction and happiness. Natraj studio will give its best and dedication for its customers happiness as the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words!